Taking a Toddler To Disney | Before the Trip

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I might be insane.  Or at least a lot of people look at me like I’m insane when I say that I’m taking my 15 month old toddler to Disney!

That’s right, baby girl is about to depart for her first trip to the Walt Disney World Resort!

I thought I would write about my plan for taking a toddler to Disney so that we can all laugh hysterically at it when it goes the exact opposite!

We leave Saturday afternoon for our nonstop flight to Orlando.  Kinsley will be flying as a lap baby.  Southwest has told me I only need a vaccination list from her doctor.  So we’ll see how that goes!

I have created little care packages for the guests flying around us.  They include ear plugs and little treats, along with a note that reads “My name is Kinsley, this is my first flight.  Here are some treats in case my smile doesn’t stay as bright.”  Kinsley has bad ears, so I’m praying the flight goes okay.

I have a daily nap, or at least downtime planned every day for at least 2-3 hours.  But I’m also taking along our Baby Bjorn and a stroller so she can rest in those as well.   We are hoping to last as long as possible on Sunday night while we attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at The Magic Kingdom.  I’m placing bets on both girls being sound asleep by 10pm!

Garden Grocer is delivering diapers, wipes, whole milk, and snacks directly to our hotel.  We will take this snack dispenser into the parks.  It is an awesome device that we’ve used multiple times now.  It allows us to bring along four different snacks and each snack has it’s own bowl.  For some reason snacks always go over better in a bowl!Disney Snack Dispenser

We have reservations at a lot of restaurants with characters.  It’ll be interesting to see how she behaves.  I think she’s going to be terrified of the costume characters, but okay with the face characters.

We plan to take full advantage of the Rider Swap program that Disney offers.  This will allow our oldest daughter, Kora, to ride all her favorites with both mom and dad with minimal wait.

The countdown is on.  48 hours until we leave.  Wish me luck!

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