Disney Day 6 | Goodbye Magic Kingdom

We had a late start to the morning because this was the day we were headed home.  We had to finish packing, check in at the airport check in counter, drop our bags off at the bell hop, and then make our way to Magic Kingdom.  We got there about 9:15 and Kora wanted to go on Space Mountain.  So we did, twice.  And we got rider switch tickets both times.

Space Mountain with a five year old

She REALLY wanted to go a third time, but our FastPass+ for Cinderella & Rapunzel expired at 10am and it was already 10, so we had to get moving!  Thankfully there is a 15 minute grace period, so we didn’t miss it!

We decided to skip our FastPasses for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and instead get some goodies!  Kora got Cotton Candy as we made our way to the Main Street Confectionery store!  Yup, she got sugar on our way to the sugar factory!  Ha!  We loaded up on delicious goodies and then sat down on a park bench and ate it.  It was really nice to take the morning slowly.

Main Street Confectionary free treats Main Street Confectionary fudge

We then decided to try out Sorcerers of The Magic Kingdom.  We went to the fire station and got our first set of cards and also picked up our Elsa cards from the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party we attended.  Sadly, Kora lost our key card before we even got to do a single mission!  Thankfully, we really didn’t have time to do any missions anyway as it was time for lunch at the Beast’s Castle at Be Our Guest restaurant!  Num.  We sat in the West Wing and Kora was a little afraid of the thunder but it was cool to see the pedals drop off the rose.

Be Our Guest West Wing Lunchz

After lunch, it was time for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train again.  We had FastPass+ reservations once again and also secured Rider Switch tickets.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train On-ride photo

Then we headed over the Big Thunder Mountain Rainroad to use our Rider Swaps.  We used two.  We had a third, but I ran the numbers in my head and with having to leave at 2:30pm, we didn’t have time!  So we headed to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train where we had three passes… but only time to ride one final time.  Good bye Dwarfs!  And finally, we ended the trip with Kora’s favorite… Space Mountain.  She was able to use our final two Rider Switch passes and we exited the ride at exactly 2:30pm.

Space Mountain Funny Face ride photo

Our bus ride to the resort, then to the airport, then the flight home were all boring and normal.  Sad because our trip was over, but yet happy to finally be able to get some sleep!  Man, Disney really wears us out!

Toddler on the airplane

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