What to Pack | Disney With A Baby

It’s a tough decision to travel to Disney with a baby.  Are they too young?  Will they be too much work?  Can they go on rides?

After you decide to take your baby to Disney the next important question comes into play… what to pack?!?!

Packing for taking a baby to Disney

My first suggestion when packing for a baby is to get gallon sized bags (or quart if your baby is small enough).  In each bag place the clothes you’ll need for the day, and that includes everything.  If your child is in underwear, include those too!  I even include a hair band and bow.  I label the outside of the bag with what is inside.  For instance “Wednesday morning – Magic Kingdom – Breakfast at The Crystal Palace.”

Packing for taking a baby to Disney

This system allows you to get ready quickly in the mornings.  It also has your spare outfits or evening outfits in a waterproof bag while you’re at the parks.  When the afternoon rain comes, you’ll thank me!

Now what do you pack?

If you’re traveling on Disney’s Magical Express bus transportation from the airport, remember that your checked luggage won’t arrive to your room for three to four hours so you’ll need to be prepared.  Pack enough diapers, wipes, snacks, spare outfits, and possibly pajamas!

The most important things on my packing list for baby:

  • Baby Carrier
  • Stroller (light weight & quick fold are key)
  • Side sling cargo nets (you don’t have to remove things to fold the stroller, this is awesome!)
  • Spare clothes, including warm weather clothes (for girls, leggings are great because they can go under cute dresses or with a shirt)
  • Snack cylinder
  • Swim diapers
  • Light up toy (this comes in handy if you learn your little one is afraid of the dark)
  • Travel changing pad
  • Favorite blanket and toy

Taking a Baby to Disney What to Pack

1. Ergo 360 Baby Carrier | 2. Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller | 3. Side Sling Stroller Cargo Bag | 4. Spare Clothes | 5. Sassy Snack Cylinder | 6. Huggies Little Swimmers | 7. Light Up Toy | 8.JJ Cole Diaper Clutch

Do you have a MUST PACK item for taking a baby to Disney?  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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