Cheapest time to go to Walt Disney World Resort

I get asked a lot about when the cheapest time to go to Walt Disney World Resort is.  Honestly, it changes all the time and it depends on different discounts offered.  However there are very distinct “off seasons” where the normal hotel rates are the cheapest.

Cheapest time to visit walt disney world resort

January is always the cheapest.  If you go during the week and avoid New Years,  Martin Luther King Jr Day and the Marathon weekend, the hotel room will be the cheapest all year.  And even during the busy weekends, the hotel room is still cheaper than many other months of the year.

August is the next cheapest time to go.  Starting August 16th this year, prices will drop for hotel rates.  Weekends are always a little higher, but again, cheaper than going during the previous months.

The August rates go through September 13th when rates will go up a tiny bit, but this is still a very cheap time of the year to go.  These cheap September rates actually last during the weekdays right up until Thanksgiving week!  There are also usually great discounts offered during these fall months making it a fantastic time to visit the Walt Disney World Resort.

The first two weeks in December will see low rates again, and then it’s the very expensive Christmas time.

So to recap on when the cheapest time to go to Walt Disney World Resort is:


August 16th – September 10th

September 13th – November 19th

November 29th –  December 10th

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