Tackling the Airport with a Baby

The one thing I was most worried about on our trip to Disney was tackling the airport with a baby.  Would she run away in a large crowd, would she freak out during security, and of course would she even step foot on the airplane!

Thankfully I planned ahead and everything turned out just fine!

My first step in planning was figuring out how long we’d be there.  We planned for two hours at the airport before we boarded.  Then I had to figure out how long our flight was (2 1/2 hours).  Then I figured out how long it’d take us to get through the Orlando International Airport and onto Disney’s Magical Express.  And finally, how long it would take to get to our resort, Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort.

In the end, I had about six hours to account for.

For the hours at the airport, I planned our flight to depart in the early afternoon.  That meant that we arrived right around lunch time.  I planned on eating at the airport as it takes up a good amount of time and keeps my kids still!  After that, I knew that Milwaukee International Airport had a kid zone by the Southwest gates, so we headed there to let the kids run around like crazy monkeys!

General Mitchell Children's Play area

For getting through security, I wore the baby in our carrier, which happens to be a Bjorn.  It allowed me to make sure she didn’t escape, we both got patted down (she never was removed from me) instead of going through the X-ray machine, and our stroller was able to be cleared without the hassle of removing her from it.

Another tip, when traveling with a baby, you can carry on water or other foods they will need.  It requires a little bit of testing by the TSA, but it’s worth it to have their favorite food or drink on hand.  I take a soft sided cooler for all the kids snacks.  It works great at the airports and at the parks!

We also take our stroller and gate check it.  Although it may get broke, it’s a far better way to carry all of the carry-on backpacks and such so it’s worth the risk.  And we’ve never had a stroller get broken (knock on wood).

How do I pass the time on a flight with a baby?  Well, all babies are different so make sure you think about your child thoroughly before coming up with a game plan.  Mine, likes to eat and likes to move!  I packed a sippy cup to help pop her ears on take off and landing.  Sadly, I left the sippy cup at home!  Whoopsie!  I guess I didn’t officially “pack” it.  But no worries. If you do the same thing, the stewardess can get you cup with a lid and a straw!

Flying with a lap baby drinks

I did actually pack a dinner for the kids though.  Although we arrived at the airport at lunch time, our flight left two hours later and the flight was 2 1/2 hours long.  And quite frankly, my children love to eat!  So they’ll sit nicely and eat and they are slow eaters so it takes up a good chunk of time.

I also packed stickers, coloring books, Princess dolls, and the free Frozen printables I had mentioned in a previous post.  Kinsley is a mover and a shaker and I wasn’t sure how I was going to keep her still!

Much to my surprise, both kids were simply amused by technology.  Kora played games on the iPad and Kinsley watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes, ate even more snacks, and cuddled her favorite blankie and toy.

Toddler Flying on an airplane

Flying with a lap babyWhen we arrived at MCO airport, I quickly put the Bjorn on and put Kinsley in there.  It allowed me to have my hands free to help Kora, carry luggage, and get our stroller from the gate.  It also allowed Kinsley to fall asleep while we were walking and stay sleeping when we transferred onto Disney’s Magical Express.  Had I simply carried it her, it would have been more difficult to retrieve our Magic Bands from the backpack, hold Kora’s hand, etc.

Once on Disney’s Magical Express, Kinsley slept and Kora watched the cartoons.  Most kids are amused just to be on a bus and when they start playing cartoons and videos of the wonderful attractions that the Walt Disney World Resort offer, it’s heaven!

Disney's Magical Express Magic Bands

Before we knew it we were pulling into our resort and the squeals of excitement truly began!

So what did we learn from this post about tackling the airport with a baby?

  • Bring a carrier!
  • Gate check your stroller
  • Don’t forget the sippy cup at home!
  • Pack lots of snacks.  LOTS!
  • Have a full arsenal of entertainment options
  • Just relax!  You’re on your way to the most magical place on Earth!

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