Love Bug Valentine’s Day Box

My oldest daughter had a task from Kindergarten this week.  She had to create a Valentine’s Day box for her school party.  Instantly she said she wanted a Love Bug Valentine’s Day Box.

Okay. Love Bug.  Now what?  We decided that just decorating the box with stickers wasn’t going to be good enough, so we went all out!

Step One: find a shoe box and wrap it in pink wrapping paper

Step Two: Cut a flap in the box for friends to put valentines inside of

Love Bug Valentine's Day Box

Step Three: Apply your name to the box in glitter glue

Step Four: Cut wings out of construction paper and decorate beautifully

Love Bug Valentine's Day Box

Step Five: Add a heart face and pipe cleaner antennae


Step Six: Make little girl jump around the house with excitement!

Love Bug Valentine's Day Box

Is that not a precious Love Bug Valentine’s Day Box?  Have you and your child decorated a Valentine’s Day box?  Share with us in the comments!

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