Put the Light in Their Eyes | Photography Tips

Today I’m editing personal photos that I have taken throughout the year.  You see, I’m a professional photographer (www.faberphotography.com) so my own personal photos get put on the back burner until I have some spare time.  That’s today!  And while I was editing I thought I’d share a little photography tip with you. Put the light in their eyes!

What I mean by that is turn your subject so that their face is pointed towards a light source.  This will put light in their eyes and allow you to see the beautiful color of their eyes, not to mention make their skin look much better too.

Here’s a great example.  The photo on the left, the window is behind me, so the light is hitting my daughter’s eyes.  On the right, you can see the window light behind my daughter.  Notice the difference in her eyes and just the picture quality itself?

The Disney Momma Picture Help.

So next time you’re taking a snapshot of your princess dressing up, make sure you get the best picture possible!

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