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Sorry it’s been so long!  We finally moved into the new house!  It’s been a whirlwind process but boxes are slowly disappearing and some semblance of order is happening!

Today I would love to show you our Dream Kitchen!  I spent hours pinning items on Pinterest for our new kitchen.  I had all kinds of fun ideas and ways to make it unique and fit with how our family functions.  I am pleased to say that everything came together.  In fact, it came together even better than I could have ever imagined!

Here’s the end product in the daylight.  It features beautiful custom white cabinets with granite counter tops.

Dream Kitchen White Cabinets Hickory Floors

The hardwood floor is a Character Hickory with a special treatment and staining done to make it extra dark.

Dream Kitchen White Cabinets Hickory Floors

The archway leads to our drop zone which you can see in this picture.  It’s the perfect place to drop my purse and our mail when walking into the house.  It also has a USB charging station so that our phones and electronic devices can charge out of sight.

Dream Kitchen White Cabinets Hickory Floors

Dream Kitchen White Cabinets Hickory Floors

Here is what the kitchen looks like with the lights on.  We have five main recessed lights, two additional smaller recessed lights over the sink, three pendant lights over the snack bar, under cabinet lights, and small puck lights in the glass cabinets up above.

Dream Kitchen White Cabinets Hickory Floors

The beautiful industrial island pendants are from Capital Lighting in a polished nickel finish.

Dream Kitchen White Cabinets Hickory Floors

The end cabinet features a broom closet.  It’s right next to the ovens, but yet out of the way.  It makes me want to go and buy more brooms! (and the Dirt Devil vacuum will be hung inside, but we had just unpacked it!)

Dream Kitchen End Cabinet Broom Closet

Speaking of the double ovens, here they are when opened!  Aren’t they gorgeous!  I will admit that the blue may have played a role in the selection process 🙂  They are LG Studio Series Double Wall Ovens.

Dream Kitchen LG Signature Series Built In Double Oven

And hello extra storage!  I have always hated battling with the muffin tins to get out the pizza pans, or vice versa!  Now I don’t have to fight with them!  We now have an awesome divided cupboard which allows us to grab exactly what we need with ease!

Dream Kitchen Divided Cupboard Cookie Sheets Muffin Tins

Next to the double ovens we have our Dacor 36″ Gas Cooktop.  I love this thing, however I must say that I love the accent tile back splash behind it maybe even just a little more! It has SPARKLES!  How can you not like it?

Dream Kitchen Dacor Gas 36" Cooktop

Inside of the accent tile back splash is our Pot Filler.  We went with the Danze brand because we really liked the look and feel of it.

Dream Kitchen Dacor Gas 36" Cooktop Tile Back splash Accent Pot Filler

Next to the range top is a pull out spice drawer.  It’s not good to have one of these next to an oven as heat can wreck spices, but since we only have a range top here it worked out perfect!  The shelves are adjustable so we can put all kinds of goodies in there!

Dream Kitchen Pull Out Spice Rack Dream Kitchen Pull Out Spice Rack

Next we move onto another great Pinterest find… Toe Kick drawers!  So often that space underneath the cabinets is lost.  We wanted to utlize it!  We have three of these drawers in our kitchen.  One of them holds cook books, one holds place mats and cutting boards, and this one holds my Pyrex traveling containers, and our grilling utensils… and apparently a fly swatter!

Dream Kitchen Toe Kick Drawer Extra Storage

We also wanted to maximize space inside of our cabinets so they all have pull out solid wood shelves.  This makes accessing the dishes in the back possible!  It also points out that clearly I have a Tupperware and Rubbermaid problem!

Dream Kitchen Toe Kick Drawer Pull out Shelf Cupboards

Next we’ll move onto our Refrigerator area!  That is an LG 31 Cubic Foot French Door beauty!  It has more space than we know what to do with!  And the bottom freezer drawer has an easy pull handle on it allowing Kora to be able to get her own Popsicles!

Dream Kitchen Hidden Walk-In Pantry Cupboard

And that big cupboard next to the fridge… WABAM!  There she is.  Our beautiful walk in pantry!  But if you’re coming to our house and play hide-n-go-seek with Kora, please act like you don’t know it’s there!

Dream Kitchen Hidden Walk-In Pantry Cupboard Dream Kitchen Hidden Walk-In Pantry Cupboard

A big thing for me with this dream kitchen was organization.  I must say the DrawerDecor Customizable Organizers are my favorite!  Not only is it beautiful but it keeps the drawer neat and tiddy!

Dream Kitchen DrawerDecor Sky Blue

And finally, my kitchen sink!  It’s the KOHLER Undertone Preserve Sink.  Not only is it huge, but it’s also made out of a scratch resistant metal so it’ll withstand our day to day use much better than our old stainless steel sink.

And then there is the faucet!! Oh the faucet.  It has provided hours of entertainment already.  Why, because it’s touchless!  All you have to do is wave your hand underneath it and it turns on.  It’s called the KOHLER Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet and I highly recommend it.  When your hands are filled with food scraps, or dishes, or even paint it’s wonderful to not have to touch anything to get clean!

Dream Kitchen Kohler Sensate Faucet Sink

So there you have it folks!  Our Dream Kitchen!  I hope you have enjoyed it!  If you have any questions at all please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message!

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  1. Well, I love everything 🙂 The dark floors, the white cabinets…it’s all beautiful! Great job

    I found your page looking for pantry ideas on Pinterest. I’d LOVE a walk-in pantry and for sure want it hidden within the cabinetry….total love!

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