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With a lot of friends packing up to head to Walt Disney World in the coming months, I thought it was about time to explain Disney’s Rider Switch Service.

What do you do when you are traveling with two children.  One who loves adventure and is tall enough for the big kid rides, and one who is timid of the rides or is too small to ride?  You use the Rider Switch Service!

Disney allows families to receive Rider Swap tickets at any ride with a height restriction.  When one parent enters the line (FastPass+ line or regular) they simply ask for a Rider Switch pass.  The ticket will look like this:

Rider Switch Pass

 This ticket will allow up to three people to ride without waiting in line!  That’s right, no line!  So you simply walk up to the FastPass+ entrance and they’ll allow you through.

Here’s an example of how we used this ticket.

At rope drop at Epcot, we walked straight to Test Track.  Since Shawn and Kora were one of the first of the morning to ride, there wasn’t a line.  Shawn asked for a Rider Switch Ticket at the booth before entering the line.  Kinsley and I waited outside while he and Kora proceeded to ride.

Epcot Rider Swap Program

We met them at the exit of the ride.  Kora was jumping up and down so excited and wanted to ride again… but now it was a 45 minute wait!  EXCEPT we had a Rider Switch Pass!  So now I got to go ride Test Track with Kora while Shawn waited with Kinsley.  We even got to take our friend Alayna on the ride with us since it’s for 3 guests!

Epcot Test Track Ride Photo

 It’s important to note we received this ticket on November 15th, and it expires on November 30th.  That means we did not have to immediately get back on and ride if we didn’t want to.  In fact, later in the trip we had a FastPass+ reservation for Test Track.  Shawn grabbed a Rider Switch Ticket when he entered the FastPass+ line.  That ticket we saved for a later time in our trip.  We would be arriving at Epcot via Park Hopper Passes late one evening for a dinner reservation.  By saving the Rider Switch Ticket we were able to ride Kora’s new favorite ride on a busy evening without a wait!

Another awesome feature is that both parents don’t have to have a FastPass+ reservation to get the Rider Switch Ticket from the FastPass+ entrance.  Only the person riding initially does.  What this means is that Shawn and Kora could have FastPass+ reservations for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Kinsley and I could have FastPass+ reservations for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh at the same time!  Kinsley would be able to ride a ride instead of just waiting around, yet when Shawn and Kora were done on the Mine Train, I’d be able to experience it with Kora and a friend.  We found this extremely beneficial for places where the FastPass+ reservations are tiered, such as Hollywood Studios or Epcot.  We were able to have FastPass+ reservations for both Test Track and Soarin’!  This saved us a lot of time and allowed Kora to have the time of her life!

I hope this helps you successfully use the Rider Switch system when you’re at Walt Disney World next!  If you have any questions at all, just ask!

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