Disney Parks Moms Panel 2016 | The Quest Continues

It’s fall… and with the changing temperature and leaves comes an exciting time of year… Disney Parks Moms Panel 2016 application time!

This year the application window was September 8th-September 15th.

I was giddy when 10am EST came around on September 8th.  I took time off of work and eagerly opened up the Disney Parks Moms Panel website.  That’s when I saw it.  It was like “AAAAWWWWWW.”  You know, magical noises and such.

Disney Parks Moms Panel 2016 Search

The first step in applying to be a Panelist is qualifying.  For me, I submit my application for Walt Disney World, so my first qualification is that I have visited the Walt Disney World Resort in the past 12 months.  Thankfully our November trip took care of that prerequisite!

The other requirements are that you and your family cannot work in the travel industry and you have to be 18 years or older.  Check. Check.

The selection process for the Disney Parks Moms Panel is lengthy.  Last year it took almost three months and was four rounds long. It’s a mystery how long this year will take or how many rounds it’ll be, but my guess is that it’ll be pretty similar, with the new panel being selected before Thanksgiving and then reporting for duty in January 2016.

I, personally, was beyond excited to start the process this year. After getting so close I could taste it last year, I am confident in my abilities and my desire for this position.

I was a little shocked to find more in-depth questions for the round 1 application this year. Perhaps it is similar to last year, however I thought the questions were more well matched with the round 2 questions from last year.  That makes me wonder if the rounds will be shorter, or longer, or have less people, or who knows! It made me stop and think, basically.

The questions were pretty “easy” for me. There was a sample panel question, a “tell us about yourself” question, a question about how you feel after a Walt Disney World Resort visit, and a memorable family experience write-up.

I loved every bit of it. I even cried at the end when I reread my memorable experience. Apparently it is a very vivid memory! 🙂

Finally, my break was over, I had read and reread my questions about 100 times.  It was time to hit submit and cross my fingers. So that I did.

Disney Parks Moms Panel Congratulations 2016

Now I sit and wait. Technically I automatically make it into round 2 due to making it until the end last year. However, I had an issue with my Disney account username and when I hit submit, I didn’t get notification of my round 2 advancement like my fellow friends from last year. I really liked my answers to the questions, so hopefully regardless I’d make it to round 2… but I’m definitely more nervous than I wanted to be!

So that’s that. Now I kick back and enjoy these first couple weeks of fall with my family.  Nobody knows when we’ll hear about round 2.  Nobody knows what round 2 will contain.  It’s anyone’s guess. Last year it was a video submission along with additional essay questions. We also heard last year in the middle of October. Hopefully we hear before then!

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