Auditioning For the Family Feud Milwaukee

I am a huge fan of Family Feud.  My husband and I watch it all the time.  It is our go-to boredom filler.  We laugh our hinders off and race each other to yell out our “Good Answer.”

In early November, I had heard that auditions for the Family Feud were coming to Milwaukee.  I thought to myself how awesome this would be, but quite honestly, I’m always the one in the family that does weird crazy things.  I never brought it up to anyone, as I didn’t honestly think anyone else in my family would go for it.  I mean, it’s a time commitment to try out for the Family Feud.

Then my aunt posted something on Facebook about the auditions, my sister, and my dad both said they were in. Wait.  What?! I couldn’t believe it.  I shot our application email over to the producers as soon as I could.  I didn’t want my family to change their minds!  And then we got in!  We were auditioning for the Family Feud!

Family Feud Audition Milwaukee

Our auditions were in Milwaukee near the airport.  Our audition time was 11am.  I had done a lot of research before we went so I knew that the best idea was to be early.  We arrived at 9:52am.  Arrive early, check!  We were second in line and excited to get started.  The line grew REALLY long before the official 11am start time.  I was thankful to be at the beginning.

Family Feud Audition Line

At 11am on the dot they started checking families in.  As I mentioned, we were second to be checked in and we were assigned to room A.  I’m not sure if there is a reason for the room assignments, but we were the first conference room on the right.  We entered the room.  It was huge with probably 200 chairs all set up.  My sister and I immediately took a selfie with Steve Harvey.  Okay, so Steve Harvey wasn’t really there, but a life-size picture would have to do.

Family Feud Audition Milwaukee

Next, I knew we had to fill out an application.  It would include all of our information and something that makes each of us unique.  Since it’s sometimes difficult to think about your unique quality when under pressure, I made sure everyone in our family was thinking about that a few days ahead of time.  We filled out our application… and then waited.  You see, I also knew that you audition in the order that your applications were turned in.  By no means did I want to go first.  I wanted to see what it was about.  Sure, the family that went first got cute little tote bags for being brave enough to start the process off, but I wanted to make an informed decision.  So with that, we handed ours in third.

The first two families went.  You’re being videotaped during the process and you’re basically acting out a game of Family Feud.  Each family plays a round and each family has to try to steal a round.

Family Feud Auditions Milwaukee

When it was our turn, we were so ready.  I made Amanda be our leader.  She went first.  The question was “What do you think of when someone talks about a 4 leaf clover.”  She got the #2 answer on the “board” so our family would play the first round.  It was a whirlwind.  I got the #1 answer with luck, my dad got an X with McDonald’s shake, my brother in law said something, my husband said something, my sister said something… seriously.  I know they said things.  And I know they were good answers, but I was so busy trying to think of my own answer yet clap and support them that I cannot think of what they said!   We ended up with 3 X’s and the other team could steal.  They didn’t.  We won that round!

Next it was our turn to steal.  We did the initial face off, but it didn’t matter.  The casting director wanted to see how our family handled the huddle and the steal.  We did really well but didn’t get the correct answer.  Sadly, my brother-in-law and husband had it right, but my sister listened to me.  Silly sister.  But we had fun with it and just like that we were done…

Or were we…

The casting director walked up to me and slid me a piece of paper folded in half.  She told me to keep it folded and give it to the people in the hallway.  Hmmm.  Okay.  We decided to stay and watch a few more families.  It was fun!  However, I also wanted to pay attention to if everyone got that slip of paper handed to them.  Low-and-behold, no, was the answer.  Less than 50% of the families we watched got the folded piece of paper.

So we left and took it into the hallway.  That’s when we were then lead down a different hallway to have an interview with the producers.  It was videotaped.  We had to introduce ourselves and a few other things and in a blink of an eye, that too was over.

We’ll know in a few weeks if we made it on the show or not, and quite frankly, the odds of that happening are extremely slim, but it was SUCH a fun experience.  We laughed so hard all the way there and all the way home.  It was a wonderful family bonding time and a memory we will remember forever.  And hey, you never know.  Maybe we’ll make it on the show.  I mean, we are pretty awesome 🙂

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