How We Saved for our Disney Vacation | Disney Vacation Account

A Walt Disney World vacation is not cheap.  I think everyone knows that.  There are some pretty easy ways to save a little bit of money, however!

The most popular is using your Target RED card to buy gift cards with a 5% rebate.  However, I don’t have a Target RED card.  So now what?

What I do have, is a Capital One VENTURE card. This card gives me 2% back.  I also have a Sam’s Club Membership.  At Sam’s Club you can get $150 worth of Disney gift cards for $142.98.  That’s $7.02 savings or 4.7%.  Not bad.  Plus my 2% cash back gives me $2.86.  So now we’re talking about a 6.6% discount!

Walt Disney World Vacation Account Disney Gift Cards

If our trip costs $2,100, I will buy 14 packs of Sam’s Club Gift Cards.  That’s a savings of $138.32.  Not too bad.

Sure, that doesn’t seem like much, but in our house, every little bit helps.

And then it gets a little bit better.  I use a Disney Vacation Account.

Disney Vacation Account

This account allows you to save money for your next Disney vacation!  You can have money automatically contribute to your account via a debit or credit card (you cannot directly link a bank account at this time) or you can deposit money into the account via Disney Gift Cards.

The Disney Vacation Account does not pay interest, however if you spend $1,000 on a Disney vacation, you get a free $20 gift card.  The only catch is that your account must be open for 120 days before your receive your reward, so it requires a little bit of advance planning.  You do NOT have to keep $1,000 in the account for 120 days, the account just needs to be active.  You can also spend your money prior to 120 days but you won’t get your reward until after that time has passed.  It takes 3-4 weeks to receive your Disney Gift Card reward, so you’ll want to take that time into account as well so that you can use your gift cards to pay off the balance of your trip or use it for spending money!

In our case, I plan on putting $2,000 into our Disney Vacation Account.  I will use the Disney Gift Cards that I’m purchasing from Sam’s Club.  That means I’ll get $40 in rewards.  I’ve now saved $178.32 by doing very little work!

And don’t worry, if something comes up and you need your money back from the Disney Vacation Account, you can get it refunded in the same format it was deposited in.  That means if you made a deposit via your Debit or Credit card, the money will be credited back to your account.  If you deposited money via a Disney Gift Card, the money goes back on THAT gift card, so make sure you keep your gift cards, just in case!

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