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Last summer we made a couple trips up to Wisconsin Dells for some family fun!  The Wisconsin Deer Park, one of my favorite stops during our trip, actually started out as a way to kill some time while waiting for our family to arrive.  My youngest daughter loves animals, so we thought it’d be a fun little place to visit.  We loved it!  We spent a long time petting and feeding the deer.  The girls giggled and screamed the whole time.

Wisconsin Deer Park Wisconsin Dells

Your tour of the Wisconsin Deer Park starts in the gift shop where you have the opportunity to buy food to feed the deer.  The packs of crackers are $2 each.  We bought 3 packs and we could have bought way more!  In fact, while we were waiting in line people were coming back into the store to buy more!

Wisconsin Deer Park Wisconsin Dells

As soon as we entered the park a deer came walking right up to my girls.  We couldn’t believe it.  The deer obviously knew we had food and they were excited to greet us!

Wisconsin Deer Park Wisconsin Dells

The deer do not bite, and they are very gentle.  My youngest daughter yelled at them A LOT however, because they would eat their crackers.  You see, Kinsley wanted to eat the crackers!  Thank goodness the nice folks at the deer park were able to quickly reassure me that they are safe for children to eat.  I think she probably ate a whole pack!  The deer were rather confused by her.

Wisconsin Deer Park Wisconsin Dells

The park was home to many different species of deer.  Some wandered around for you to feed and pet, and others were protected behind fences.  You could still feed them and they’d come right up to the fence, though.

The cost of admission is $14 for adults, $10 for kids, and free for those 2 and under.

I highly recommend making room in your Wisconsin Dells Family vacation schedule for a stop at the Wisconsin Deer Park!

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