We’re Going to Disney! When to plan your Walt Disney World Resort Vacation

We’re going to Walt Disney World Resort!  I just booked our reservations last night.  I am so excited.  When we travel it’ll have been just shy of two years since I’ve gone!  How insane is that?  It makes me sad, actually.  However we built our house this last year and had then had to save for this coming trip, knowing it’d be a long one.

When to Plan a Walt Disney World Resort Vacation

So today we’re going to talk about When to plan your Walt Disney World Resort Vacation.

Many people say that any day at Disney is better than a day at home.  Although that’s true, if you’re spending your hard earned vacation dollars to actually experience Disney and not just enjoy your time away from the office, then that’s certainly NOT true!  There are times of the year when crowds are very heavy.  When you’ll wait 80 minutes for one ride.  When you’ll be outside in the HOT sun while waiting for that ride.  When your children will wait 75 minutes and then declare they HAVE to pee… right then.  It happens.  And for a lot of people, it leaves a very sour taste in their mouths when it comes to Walt Disney World vacations.

So what should you do about it?  How can you pick a good time to go?  How do I pick when to take our Walt Disney World vacations?

First rule of thumb, if kids are out of school, it’s going to be crowded.  That’s just the sad truth.  Especially if you’re going over Spring Break or Summer when kids aren’t out of school for just one day, but rather the whole week.  So my first rule of thumb is to avoid that at all costs!

Second, I prefer low crowd times.  The lowest crowds are the very end of January into the first two weeks of February and then the first three weeks of September.  Crowds are at their lowest levels, however there are other trade offs.  In January the theme parks do many refurbishments on rides and attractions.  It can be one or several rides that are down.  If it’s a once in a lifetime trip you’re looking to take, make sure the ride you really want to go on is running.  In September, crowds are ridiculously low, but it’s hot and rainy.  It rains around 50% of the time in September.

Rainy Days at Walt Disney World

Third, I look for special events.  Since I’ve been to Walt Disney World so many times, our family likes to experience new things and going during special events is one of the ways we accomplish that.  Now, special events usually means higher crowds than January or September, but it’s something to consider.  There is the Flower & Garden Festival in the spring, Food & Wine Festival in the fall, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and of course all the runDisney events.

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party in November

Fourth, I look to the people I’m traveling with.  We don’t often go by ourselves.  We love to travel with other people.  We don’t necessarily do everything all day with our travel buddies, but it’s lovely to meet up for lunch or dinner or ride a few FastPass+ rides with each other!  So taking into consideration their timelines is very important.

So, when are we going?!

Well, I’m really excited that we’re going this fall!  We’ll be able to visit the Food & Wine Festival and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!  Two events that I’ve never been a part of before!

I won’t lie, it’s not the time I wanted to go.  I wanted to go in November.  I LOVE the winter festivities at Walt Disney World.  But, rule number four, is adjusting my travel times to accommodate those I want to travel with.  This trip, I’m really excited to travel with some family members.  It’s going to be memorable and so much fun!

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