DIY Easy Pumpkin Craft

This past weekend it was beautiful outside.  I cannot remember a Halloween weekend that was so pleasant.  Since it was nice out, the girls wanted to play outside, so I decided it was the perfect time to create a DIY easy pumpkin craft!

DIY easy Halloween pumpkin craft woodworking

We had a few pieces of scrap wood laying around.  Any type of wood would due, but in our case we had small chunks of a 2×4.  They were scrap pieces my husband had cut off while building a different project.  I figured they would be perfect for this!

DIY easy Halloween pumpkin craft woodworking

Our first step was sanding down the rough edges.

DIY easy Halloween pumpkin craft woodworkingNext the girls got out their orange paint and started turning those little scraps of wood into pumpkins!  We always use Crayola Kid’s Paint as it’s super easy to wash off of almost any surface.  I highly recommend!

DIY easy Halloween pumpkin craft woodworking

After the paint was dry it was time to draw on the face.  I let the girls do this with permanent marker.  I was super proud of my toddler for how well she did!

After they drew the faces on, I went over them with black puffy paint and then some black glitter I had laying around the house.

We finished our DIY Easy Pumpkin Craft off with two sticks and a ribbon on the top.

DIY easy Halloween pumpkin craft woodworking

Aren’t the adorable?  And they stand really nicely on their own so they make the perfect shelf decoration!

Supplies Needed:

Scrap pieces of wood
Orange Paint
Black Marker
Black Puffy Paint
Glitter (optional)

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